My favourite serie!

Hi people!

Hope all is well.

Today I’m going to speak about my favourite serie.

I don't see many series, but this one I love! My favourite serie is "13 reasons why". I love this series because it's so dramatic and realistic. I think that this series shows situation that happens daily and anybody see, because the bullying is so common and it affects in different ways the people who suffer it.

Hannah Baker is the protagonist of this serie and her story is so sad and interesting, because she suffered bullying in her school and she was rape, so for these reasons she decided kill herself and leaved 13 cassettes for the 13 guilty of his death.

My favorite character in this series is Clay, because he is so lovely, cute and handsome. I love him! He is in love with Hannah, but he could never tell that to Hannah while she was alive.

I think I cried with all the chapters of the first season, because with some scenes I felt so identify. Now I can't wait for the second season!

I hope you can watch this serie if you think that is interesting.

This is all!
Read you later!



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