Bread and Roses Film

Hi people!

This time I'm going to talk about the film Bread and Roses, that we watched the last class of English.

The film it's so interesting because it shows the unjust reality of so many people in differents countries. I really like the film because I think it has a beautiful message and has a story so intense and dramatic because it shows the differences of classes.

My favorite character is Sam, because he is so clever and intense with his ideas. He always stood firm with his teory and he was so convincing with his ideas.

One thing I didn't like about the movie is the attitude of the sister of Maya, becuase although Rosa helped Maya and gave money to their family, she was so mean with Maya in the moment when she told the truth about her work. But one thing I liked about the film is the labor movement that show the movie, because it is a reality of many people that fight for the justice.

Finally, my favorite scene was when the labor movement went out to the street to manifest their demands, because this I remembered the different movements of Chile, like the student movement.


  1. i like what makes you remember your favorite scene, partner :D

  2. really? my favorite character is Sam too

  3. " I remembered the different movements of Chile, like the student movement."
    I think the same


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