The Last Blog!

Hi everyone!

This is the last post of my awesome blog because this stressful semester is ending:(

Today I'm going to speak about the blog's experience in general and also I'm going to say some things I would like to include in the blogs in the future and some things about I would have liked to write someday.

I think that the blog's experience was so good, because it is important to practice writing in English. Also I think that the idea of ​​the blog is awesome, because it's the learning mix with the technology and topics that escape of the routine of the career. For this reason my favourite blog was when I spoke about my favourite photography and I spoke about the one photo with my brother in the Linkin Park's concert, and now I feel so sad, because the Linkin Park's vocalist was died recently :'(

I must admit that some days I did not want writing blogs, because I distracted me with my classmates, but that happened only on rare occasions.

I think that thanks to blog's activities my writing skills have developed a lot but I still have a lot to learn and practice.

On the other hand, some things about I would have liked to write someday are: about the pets, about how we feel in the day to day, about hobbies, about our friends, about our great moments, among others things.

Finally, I would like include in the future blogs about political contingency issues, about current opinions, among others topics.

This is all!

Bye! <3


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