Favourite Subject

Hello people!

Today I’m going to speak about a subject I  enjoyed studying this semester.

To tell you the truth I do not like any subject of this semester, because this semester was exhausting and boring. Also during this semester I was so bad, because I suffered a depression that led me to be with psychiatric and psychological treatment.

Anyway I am going to talk about the subject "Study of political phenomena". This subject is so interesting, because its main contents refer to political debates, political ideologies, contingent issues of the present, among other things. During the class the teacher teaches us about the texts we need to read in order to contextualize the class, so discussions are always generated by bringing the themes of the texts to the present day.

I like this subject because the professor is the best! I love him. Jaime Fierro is the best professor that I know, he is very relaxed, patient and understanding, and he knows how to perform classes very well and handles the subjects very well too. Also I like this subject because its so interesting.

That's all for today!

Read you later!

Bye <3


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