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Hi everyone!

Resultado de imagen para eggpToday I’m going to speak about a career-related website.

To tell you the truth I do not like any website related to my professional career but I am going to talk about Difusión Paro INAP. (

Difusión Paro INAP is a Facebook group where all the students of Public Administration of our university can join. In this group different information about what is going on at the university such as special activities, important events and lost stuff is uploaded.

I like this website very much so I try to visit it almost always to keep updated about is happening at the university.

In addition, I regurlarly check this website beacuse there are some people that upload funny comments and memes about the career and other daily situations that happen at the university for instance strikes and meetings through the year and obviously about the “pasta” that is alway part of our career.

I hope you can visit this website if you think is interesting.

That is all.
Bye <3 


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