My favorite piece of technology!

Hi people!
Resultado de imagen para moto 3g

Today I'm talking about my favorite piece of technology. I think that my favorite piece of technology is my cell phone, because I use it all the time to chat with my friends, see facebook, take pictures, listen to music, among others things. I've had it on February, 2016, because I bought it again after that stole me the same cell phone when I went for the first time to the government school of Universidad de Chile.

I always use my cell phone, on the subway, on the way to the university, in the university, in may home... I use it all the time! I use it for differents things, like listen to music, chat with my friends, read books for the university, see videos, take pictures and use the social networks. For this reason, I like so much my cell phone, also for it's color pink<3 hahaha

I think that the life without my cell phone would be boring, because I'm so accustomed to using it at all times to listen to music, read and use social networks.

This is all<3


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