Why I chose the career Public Administration

Hi everyone!

Today I'm gonna to write about why I chose the career Public Administration.

Resultado de imagen para singerI remember that when I was a child I wanted to be a singer like Hannah Montana hahaha! Then when I was started the secondary school I wanted to be a flight attendant, so for this reason I studied tourism at school República Argentina. I use to like the tourism, in fact I still like it, but I had always wanted to be a lawyer, because I used to like the laws and debates. Also I always imagined to myself as a lawyer and I liked so much this idea. 

Then when I was ending the secondary school, I realized that the career of law was so monotonous and stressful, because so many people who studied this carrer told me that the carrer of law was so demandant and that to study this career requires vocation.

For this reason, I started to searching differents career and I found this career, Public Administration. I liked the subjets of the career, because it's so varied  and I found it interesting. So, I decided 
to enter to career Public Administration at Universidad de Chile.

My experience at university until now it's been good, because  I like the environment of the university, the people of university are nice and this career I like so much, because I think that in the future, when I'm a professional, I will can help to the society and contribute to the some of public problem's solution.
Finally, I think that I would like in the public sector in some area related with the tourism, like SERNATUR.

This is all :)


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