My Autobiography

Hi! My name is Kim Irarrazabal, I'm 19 years old and this is my blog for the subjet english 3.

I was born on july, 21st, 1997 in Santigo, Chile. My family is so small, because we are only five persons: My mother Paola, my father Pablo, my sister Angie and my brother Pablo. I'm the last one of my brothers. Also, I have a pet, it's a cat called Fideos. It's so funny, lazy and hungry but i'ts the most lovely cat that exist. My family is the most important tha I have in my life, I love them so much.

I live with my family in Puente alto, but my biggest brother live in La Florida with his wife and her son, Mati, whom I love like a real nephew.

I studied tourism at school República Argentina and actually I'm studying Public Administration at Universidad de Chile. This career I like so much, because I think that in the future, when I'm a professional, I will can help to the society and contribute to the some of public problem's solution.

Also of this, I'm work as promoter in the supermarket on weekends, because in the week my schedule is so demanding.

In my free time I love to sleep much and hang out with my friends. Also I like listening to music and playing with Fideos. 

I love the photograhp! I like to take pictures and research about the photograph but in the last time I've forgotten it a little because of the university.

This is all
Read you later!


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